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We serviced a
Model WTW4816FW3
Near Concord, NC 28027
Ryan S.
Job Details: 05/24/2024
Customer complained unit starts running by itself. Found pressure system fault and long fill. Unit unit cutting on is just drain pump coming on from pressure system issue. Unit has no water in it and Found valves work ok. Found pressure hose is connected on both ends properly and doesnt have a leak in hose. Needs new control board due to pressure system issue. Ordering control board. Scheduled return call for 5-30-24 am. Unit has p&l auth. Will call safety on return call. ; ordrng 1 W11603810 (Control board)
We serviced a
Model WA50F9A7D
Near Concord, NC 28027
Robert A.
Job Details: 05/20/2024
"Cx complaint that the unit is flashing an error code during cycles. I inspected the unit to confirm the complaint. I did not find any error codes. I started a normal cycle, no issues appeared. I also started a quick cycle, still no issues. A similar code based on the cx description is an OE code, which can come from too much detergent. I suggested to the cx to use a little less detergent. The unit is working as designed. I collected the service call fee by CC."
We serviced a
Model LFX31925ST/05
Near Concord, NC 28027
Robert A.
Job Details: 01/24/2024
I installed the ordered part and tested the unit for the cx. The unit is working as designed. I collected the remaining balance by CC.
We serviced a
Model FE710DRS/XAA
Near Concord, NC 28025
Vincent O.
Job Details: 07/14/2023
Switch has gone bad and will need to be replaced. The eye that it controls worlds fine. Customer does not wish to repair.